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South Africa







Dorothea Mission's work in Zimbabwe

We are using this map with permission from www.worldatlas.com


The Zimbabwe branch of the work in situated in Harare.

Our evangelists hold outreaches where they are invited – often in co-operation with churches. From time to time they have opportunities to share the Gospel in schools. At times when they are not able to hold outreaches, they do door to door visitation in the urban areas surrounding the mission station.

Amidst the economical crisis in this country, there is a great spiritual need and the team has wonderful opportunities to reach out to people, especially individuals, with the Gospel. Please pray for true conversions. It is a joy to hear that many people have been seeking the Lord during the past couple of years.

The whole team is very dependent on the Lord for guidance and daily strength.

Reaching out to patients


Ministry amongst children



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