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South Africa







Dorothea Mission's work in South Africa

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The Headquarters of the Dorothea Mission are situated at our mission station “Dorothea”, 30 km north west of Pretoria. The Bible College, printing workshop and recording studio are also situated there.”

Bible College

Students follow a three year full-time course and are trained as evangelists. Mr Joseph Nota is the principal and there are 3 other full-time staff members as well as some part-time lecturers.

The staff need great wisdom to train the students, who come from various backgrounds and cultures. We pray that each student who has finished his or her training will be well-equipped and a fit instrument for the work to which the Lord calls him or her. May the Lord call more students to work in our mission.

Click here to download the Bible College Brochure.

Printing Workshop

It is a great help that we are able to print our own literature (click here to go to literature)

Inside the printing workshop.

Recording Studio

Here messages in Chewa and Shangaan are recorded which are broadcasted through the transmitters of Trans World Radio Swaziland to listeners in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique. Audio cassettes and CD's with Gospel messages are also available.

The South Africa Evangelism Team

The evangelism team holds outreaches in townships, on farms and in rural areas. The team usually consists of 4 to 6 members.

Outreaches are for 10 days to 3 weeks in an area. The daily programme usually consists of:

  • a time of Bible study and prayer for the team members and others who are interested, e.g. those who invited them, local church leaders or converts
  • house visiting
  • if possible a children’s meeting or open-air meeting in the afternoon, and
  • an evangelistic meeting in the evening

Evening meetings can be held in a church building, community hall, at a school or in a tent. At times we use our own tent when practically possible. The team gladly makes use of opportunities to share the Word at schools, clinics or any suitable place where people are gathered.

Each outreach has it’s own challenges and problems to cope with. Wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit are also essential in personal work and counselling. They are greatly dependent on the Lord for His blessing on each outreach.

If you are considering arranging an outreach in your area, feel free to contact our office regarding the possibility of inviting the team.

Hospital Ministry

In most of the countries where the Dorothea Mission works, we are also reaching out to patients in hospitals. In some areas we do regular hospital visitation while in other areas this is done occasionally as there is opportunity.

In Pretoria we have wonderful open doors at the Steve Biko Hospital where Zandra Nel from Dorothea Mission serves full-time. She often has opportunities to share the Gospel with patients or relatives whilst at other times she is able to comfort and support them emotionally and show the love of Christ to them in their hour of need. This is also a vast harvest field and we thank the Lord for people who find assurance of salvation during this, often difficult, period in their lives. There are also wonderful opportunities to reach out to the hospital staff. When they receive spiritual blessing, they can be a much greater blessing to the patients.

Encouraging a patient.



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