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South Africa








The Dorothea Mission has its own printing workshop where our newsletters, Bible studies and evangelistic tracts are printed.

The following literature is printed and used in the work:


Correspondence Bible Studies

This is one of the methods that we use to help converts to grow spiritually. The first Bible study explains the way of salvation while the ones that follow teach the basics of the Christian faith.

The Bible studies are available in Afrikaans, English, Sotho, Pedi (Northern Sotho), Tswana, Zulu, Xhosa, Chewa, Shangaan (Tsonga) and Shona. Costs are kept very low to make it accessible to everybody.

We are grateful to Bible Media for granting us permission to reprint their Bible Study: “Be a living member!” in Portuguese. This can also be ordered from us.

Unfortunately we can only supply these Bible studies to the countries where the Dorothea Mission works.

Contact address:

Correspondence Bible Studies
PO Box 911-406
South Africa.



Tracts are an effective tool in personal evangelism. Although we mainly print tracts for our own use, some of our friends order tracts from us to distribute in their area. If you are burdened to reach out to people in your area, you should consider the distribution of tracts.

At times we are not able to keep up with the requests. Please contact our office if you are interested to ask whether we have stock and what the cost is.

How to use tracts:

Often the mistake is made of simply giving every passer-by a tract. Such tracts often end up on the ground or in the bin. Rather use it as a contact point. Make sure the tract is suitable for the person’s particular need and that he or she really wants to read it. Used this way, you will find the tract serves at least two purposes:

  • it makes it easier to start the conversation and share spiritual things with a stranger that you would like to help to find the Lord, and
  • it gives the person something to take home with him to reinforce the message.

Remember to pray for each person you give a tract to, because ultimately it is God alone who can draw the sinner to Himself.



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